Cyclometrics Specializes in Dynamic and Bio-mechanical Independant Bike Fittings
Riding a correctly fitted bike is the single most important factor to the delivery of optimal power, speed and comfort.


We have various fitting options available at Cyclometrics Fit Centres that are detailed below

Dynamic Bike Fitting

Cost: £150


This is the most popular option takes place at a registered Cyclometrics Fit Centre or at the comfort of your own home.

Ideal for those cyclists looking to optimize their comfort and eliminate any aches and pains whilst cycling.

It takes approximately 2 hours.

Off bike postural analysis, flexibility and leg length.

Rider on bike video analysis – pedalling, posture, seat and handlebars.

Saddle pressure analysis - using Professional Level analysis software. One of only five pro level systems within the UK.

Bike adjustments – matching the bike to riders goals to achieve a unity of motion.

Exercise instruction – for improving cycling and general mobility.

A bike geomtery chart is provided as a record of the fit.

A more detailed report including before/after screenshots and pressure analysis can be purchased post fit for £10. This is in the form of an email PDF.

Bike Analysis Session

Cost: £250


Bike fitting plus.:

Ideal for those cyclists looking for more from their bike or themselves, the session will quickly identify dysfunction and focus on positive gains on the bike.

Bio-mechanical screening i.e. tactile manipulation of the pelvis and legs to determine functional leg length difference, pelvic asymmetry and lower back disfunction.

Pressure mapping – saddle and foot pressure analysis using state of the art gebioMized products.

A follow up consultation after approximately three months to review progress.

Knee tracking and cleat contact point manipulation including (if needed) accomodations and orthotics.


Bike Set-up

Cost: £60


Ideal for cyclists who have recently purchased a new bike..

Dynamic video analysis to determine optimum position.

Cleat alignment and set-up.


Body Analysis Session

Cost: £60


Ideal for those cyclists looking for more from themselves, the session will quickly identify dysfunction and focus on positive gains on the bike.

Bio-mechanical screening i.e. tactile manipulation of the pelvis and legs to determine functional leg length difference, pelvic asymmetry and lower back disfunction.


With many years of experience and over 1000 individual fits; if the options above don't suit you then individual bespoke fittings can be arranged

Cyclometrics Fit Centres

Find a Cyclometrics fit centre near you

Godley Cycles Ltd

Next fittings: 20 July 2017

91 Guisborough Road,

01642 274153
visit site

Bikewright Fitting Studio Easingwold

Every Thursday 0900-1700

5 Shirebridge Business Park
York Road Easingwold
YO61 3EQ

01347 823963
visit site

Ilkley Cyles

Next Fitting: TBA

25 Skipton Road
West Yorkshire
LS29 9EW

01943 816101
visit site

Fulford Cycles

Next Fitting: Contact Fulford for Details

98 Main Street
YO10 4PS

01904 620349
visit site

Become a Cyclometrics Fit Centre with a Cyclometrics bike fit course.

If you are a business owner who would benefit from being able to offer a professional bike fitting service in Yorkshire or the North East or have a customer base that would benefit from some analysis then we would be very interested in Training and mentoring your staff.

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Arrange a Home Fitting

If you cannot get to a Fit Centre then why not arrange a visit where we can deliver the same services in your own home at a time that is more convenient to you. A home fit will require adequate space for the use of HD cameras.

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About me

Paul “Smudge” Smith


Paul Smith is a fully qualified and accredited professional bike fitter for Cyclometrics and the Regional Representative of the International Bike Fitting Institute. He has professionally fitted a wide variety of riders from those buying their first bike to world champions.

He has worked in sports and events for many years and spent time with Middlesbrough Football Club as a development coach, York City Academy in their centre of excellence and more recently organising Cycling Events as a co-director of Everyone Everywhere Events Ltd.

He is a Gym Instructor, Kinesiology Taping provider for Rock Tape and as a Biomechanics Trainer is one of only five UK based providers of gebioMized pressure analysis.


  • Dr Thomas Korff, Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics, Brunel University
  • Todd Carver, One of the Founders of Retul
  • Paul Barratt, English Institute of Sport Biomechanicist and adviser to British Cycling
  • Paul Swift, Founder of Bikefit.Com and inventor of numerous cycling and fitness industry tools

Current Projects

Paul is currently working with Ride25 providing mechanical and physical support.

He currently works with UMCA world champion Chris Hopkinson and The Valley Striders Race Team.

Paul and the Brownlee Brothers


Cyclometrics in Partnership with The Yorkshire Mafia and Everyone Everywhere Events, will be running the Heart of Yorkshire Sportive on 04th June 2017

The ride will start at Leeds Arena and follow a route to Hessay and back.

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